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Binding for beginners: everything you need to know

Would you like your documentation to be bound professionally? Binding allows you to achieve an elegant look for your paper documents, which is especially important for design, advertising and sales materials. Here are the essentials and tips to impress your business partners with professional binding. And there are many ways to bind...

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How to pack a parcel?

E-commerce entrepreneurs are well aware of how much impact proper packaging of goods has on customer satisfaction and business costs. Check out our tips to help you ensure that parcels leaving the warehouse are properly secured.

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What do I cut paper with? Tools for precision paper cutting

Paper is an easy-to-process material that finds a number of applications in office work. If you want a specific paper format, you will need to use the right equipment. Find out how to cut paper quickly and conveniently. See what equipment will help you get it to the perfect size.

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The 15 most important questions when choosing a shredder

Thinking about buying a shredder for your home or office? In this article, we answer 15 of the most common questions asked by our customers who are looking for the best shredders for their needs. 

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How do you shred documents in compliance with GDPR?

All entities that collect and process personal data are required to protect that data from unauthorised access. The introduction of the GDPR aims to regulate the secure use, storage and disposal of personal data. Find out how the destruction of data stored on various media should take place in accordance with the current regulation.

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Differences between METALBIND and C-BIND bindings

Is it possible to quickly and easily bind documents without punching, gluing or stapling the paper? Of course! METALBIND and C-BIND binding systems are by far the easiest document binding systems. Both binding systems involve placing sheets of paper in a metal channel, which is then clamped - and that's it! The result is a perfectly bound document. But which system to choose: METALBIND or C-BIND? Find out what the differences are!

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The most common types of water dispensers

Water is the main component of the human body. It is essential for its proper functioning. Therefore, we should have easy access to clean and healthy water both at home and at work. Water dispensers are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to water in plastic bottles. In this article, we indicate the most popular types of these devices along with a description of how they work. We recommend selected dispenser models ideal for home and office use.

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How do I choose a laminator for the office?

Thinking about buying an office laminator to protect your business records? Check out our buying guide to help you make the right decision. Learn about some recommended laminator models that are very popular.

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