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How to furnish your home office? 7 devices in a home office

Home offices are increasingly becoming the main centres of our professional activity. The right equipment not only makes tasks easier, but also inspires further development and creative thinking. Discover the 7 pieces of equipment that should be in every modern home office.


Home office equipment - the secret to productivity

Working remotely from home has many advantages, but its efficiency and comfort depend on the correct organisation of the workstation. If we plan to work remotely on a regular basis, we should organise our home offices accordingly, and equip them with equipment that promotes productivity and concentration. By taking advantage of the benefits of technology, we can not only speed up our duties, but also make them more enjoyable.

Home office
Properly selected devices in the home office promote productivity and concentration

1. The computer - the heart of the home office

A desktop or laptop computer with an internet connection is the primary working tool for the majority of people working remotely. Using a laptop gives you greater mobility when working remotely. You can easily set up your laptop anywhere and put it back on the shelf when you have finished working. You can take your laptop with you to a meeting to present the results of your work. Desktop computers, on the other hand, although they take up more space on your desk, stand out with their unrivalled performance. Their great advantage is that they force the user to maintain correct posture, especially when working for long hours. The large monitor or monitors we use when working on a desktop computer help to maintain the correct position of the spine, without the need to tilt the head and bring the face close to the screen. The ease with which peripherals can be connected to a desktop computer also contributes to greater working comfort.


Whether you opt for a laptop or desktop, it is important that your computer has powerful components. A fast processor, an SSD drive, plenty of RAM and a powerful graphics card ensure smooth operation, even on the most demanding projects. Given that we do most of our work on a computer, it must be suitable for the specific work we do.


2. Printer or multifunctional device - document management centre

The printer is the number 2 device on our list of essential equipment. Although we are aware that increasing digitalisation is reducing the need for physical printing, printers are still essential equipment for many workplaces. Based on the printing mechanism, we can distinguish between laser and inkjet printers. They are available in several standard options - colour and monochrome, as well as supporting various paper sizes - A3 and A4. Laser printers are characterised by high productivity, speed and excellent print quality. Materials printed on this type of device look aesthetically pleasing and professional. Inkjet printers, on the other hand, are less expensive to purchase and operate. They are most often chosen by people who print small quantities of materials. If the workplace requires scanning and copying documents, then a multifunctional device is the most convenient option.


For the home office, it is worth choosing a wireless printer or multifunction device model. This will give you the freedom to arrange your space and not have to worry about cable clutter.


3. Shredder - Confidentiality in the modern working environment

Maintaining the confidentiality of data is the responsibility of both the employer and the employees. Performing remote work does not exempt an employee from the obligation to ensure information security and maintain the confidentiality of the personal data processed. In a remote working environment, there is a greater risk of data leakage. Therefore, employers should ensure that appropriate procedures are in place and that employees are trained in document security to reduce the risk of information leakage.


Shredders should be a must-have for many workplaces, whether the work is done in the office or at home. They make it easier to keep the home office tidy and enable unnecessary paper documents to be disposed of efficiently.


When choosing the right device, it is worth paying attention to important parameters that can significantly affect user comfort and efficiency:

  • security level - the various shredder models are designed to shred documents of different security levels (scale from P1 to P7);
  • bin capacity - typically 15-25 litres;
  • maximum number of sheets - this parameter determines how many sheets can be shredded at one time;
  • type of cut - tells us whether the paper is cut into strips or into cuttings.
 OPUS TS 222 CD shredder - shredding plastic cards
Some shredder models, such as OPUS TS 2222 CD, also allow shredding of plastic cards and CDs

4. Document binding equipment

Document binding plays an important role in the professional preparation of materials, especially when we want to impress the recipient or keep important information in impeccable condition. For binding documents in the home office, we can choose compact and easy-to-use binding devices. With these, it is easy to improve the quality of your presentation materials and give them a durable and professional look.


For document binding, we can consider purchasing the following equipment:

  • Binding machine - used to join pages together using a plastic spiral, wire or metal channel. This type of equipment is inexpensive and easy to use.
  • Thermobinder - allows you to bind a document together using thermobinding machines and sealed spines. Ideal for anyone who needs to achieve a long-lasting result while looking for an easy-to-use device.
  • Laminator - protects documents from damage; involves covering the surface of the document with a layer of laminating film. This gives photographs, certificates or important notes extra protection and a professional appearance.
Laminator minuteLAM A3 - operation
OPUS minuteLAM A3 laminator

5. Air purifier - health and safety every day

Good quality air purifiers guarantee effective absorption of various types of pollutants. Thanks to several stages of filtration, they eliminate fine particles (grains of sand, dust, animal hair), bacteria, viruses, allergens, as well as neutralising unpleasant odours from the environment. Clean air promotes better concentration and can improve productivity. Therefore, it is worth betting on a device that will effectively take care of the quality of the air we breathe.


When choosing a particular model, there are several important parameters to consider. The first of these is the area of the room - only by choosing a model suitable for a room of a given size will we achieve effective and efficient filtration. Let's also pay attention to whether the purifier is equipped with air quality sensors. Their presence allows the activation of automatic operation modes (e.g. quiet mode allows the purifier to work almost inaudibly, while the automatic mode will adjust the operation of the fans to the conditions in the room). An additional convenience is the remote control via a mobile application on a smartphone, which makes the use of the device even more convenient.


6. Water dispenser - refreshment at its best

The main task of water dispensers is to filter water, i.e. to remove impurities from it. Consuming filtered water can improve mood and productivity. Regular hydration is key to maintaining high concentration and cognitive abilities.


We most often associate water dispensers with relatively large devices, placed in offices and public facilities. However, small distributors that are designed to meet the needs of several people in offices and our homes are becoming increasingly popular.


What aspects should be taken into account when purchasing a water dispenser? First of all, the water filtration capacity, which should be adapted to the number of people using the device. Equally important is the water heating function, which allows a hot drink to be prepared quickly. With a dispenser with a water heating function, we can safely eliminate the classic kettle from our kitchen. The advanced filtration systems used in the dispensers ensure that we drink water free from impurities.

Filtered water dispenser
The water dispenser successfully replaces a kettle in the kitchen

7. Coffee machine - a moment of relaxation in the hustle and bustle of the day

Excellent coffee not only stimulates action, but also sharpens thinking and has a positive effect on concentration. For many people, aromatic coffee is an integral part of their morning routine and a guarantee of a few relaxing moments during the day. Such coffee can be provided by a good coffee machine.

  • Automatic espresso machine - gives an intense espresso flavour and allows you to make different types of coffee. Recommended for lovers of Italian espresso and those who want to experiment with different coffee drinks (e.g. cappuccino, flat white).
  • Filter coffee maker - characterised by its simple operation and allows you to easily prepare a large amount of coffee. Ideal for anyone who receives guests in the home office and appreciates the taste of filter coffee.
  • Coffee maker with portafilter- offers full control of the brewing process and allows you to tailor the taste to your individual preferences. Ideal for true coffee enthusiasts wishing to explore the art of brewing this beverage.
  • Capsule coffee machine - provides speed and convenience in preparing a beverage. The ideal device for those who value comfort and the unchanging taste of their favourite coffee.